Umbria Jazz Winter in Orvieto, Italy

Yearly December 27 - Jan 2

View of the river Liffey in Dublin, Ireland.

A beautiful blend of jazz sounds juxtaposed with ancient buildings, piazzas, quaint winding streets exude a perfect mix of local and international camaraderie, a bond created by the jazz whose sounds intermingle with great wine and food, capped by an extraordinary gospel performance in the magnificent Duomo, are the key ingredients that make this the perfect way to ring in the New Year in exquisite Orvieto during the Umbria Jazz Winter, it will certainly warm your heart!

Daily excursions to nearby quaint Medieval towns coupled with visits and wine-tastings at some of the best Umbrian and nearby Tuscan producers beautifully integrate the succulent local food and wine culture.  

Additional Activities and Services to Enhance Your Music Experience

Pre-purchase of festival tickets and access to VIP events When relevant to the country, meals served at exquisite local restaurants, perfectly paired with local wines and visits to local wine producers.

Cooking classes focused on the rich local gastronomy and in perfect harmony with the local wines

Pre/post extensions featuring private car/mini-bus transportation with driver and privately guided tours to nearby landmark cities

Accommodations are carefully chosen to optimize travel time between festivals’ locations and other points of interest

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