Terms & Conditions

Hotel accommodations: The hotels provided are as specified on the itinerary that A.G.O. Inc. and its subsidiaries-Shop Wine and Dine & Wine and Music Travel (AGO Inc.) provide. Should it become necessary, A.G.O. Inc reserves the right to make substitutions within the same standard or best available. There will be no price adjustments for any necessary substitutions.

Unless requesting and paying for a room upgrade, special requests for specific services and amenities, will be at the discretion of the hotel management. Assignment of rooms will be done on run-of-the-house basis within the room category paid for. There will be no partial refunds for unused accommodations.

Hotel taxes and service charges: Hotel taxes and related services charges are as specified on the billing statement. Not included are tips to room maids, in-room consumption, telephone charges, internet connection if not offered free of charge by the hotel and any other charges of a personal nature.

Meals and beverages:
All meals and wine when included are as specified as per choices previously arranged by AGO Inc. Any additional items ordered a-la-carte or outside the previously arranged menus and drinks selections, are at the expense of the passenger.

As this program’s intent is to provide a typical cultural, oenogastronomic experience it is sometimes difficult to accommodate special meal requests. However if there are any dietary restrictions they must be relayed at the time of booking so that we may make the appropriate substitutions to menus. No other substitutions allowed for any other reason at the time of the meals. AGO Inc. will not be responsible if specified choices will not be available at the time the services are rendered and there will be no refund for unused meals.

Travel documents: A preliminary daily itinerary will be provided following payment of the non-refundable deposit. Upon receipt of final payment, confirmation of payment and final daily itinerary will be provided approximately 21 days prior to departure. Passengers should provide name as it appears on the travel documents. All efforts will be made to inform US originating participants of health-related and visa entry requirements which must be verified with the carrier of choice. However, it is the responsibility of non-US passengers to verify locally and comply with such restrictions in a timely manner prior to start of travel-lack of such documentation will not be a valid reason for refund once the non-refundable deposit or final payment have been issued.

Transfers: All transfers to sightseeing sites, festivals, meals, wineries etc. are as specified on itinerary by means of minibus or most appropriate for area and number of participants. Any other transportation required that is not specified in the itinerary as being included, will be the responsibility of the passenger. AGO Inc. will make all efforts to assist in any other transportation needs for which passengers will be charged and payment for such transportation to be made prior to services being rendered.

Any delay incurred by participants or if for any reason passengers are unable to participate in any featured activity of the tour, there will not be any refund of services and AGO Inc. will assume no responsibility in providing individual transportation to or from the designated site of such activity.

Children: Unless requesting a custom-designed program specifically created to include children-appropriate activities, AGO Inc.’s core wine and music-focused programs are not appropriate for children; there are no children’s discounts available whether the children occupy the parents’ room or a separate room.

Smoking: Smoking on private coaches and any other conveyance or at venues is not allowed. However schedule permitting and if it does not inconvenience other travelers, provisions will be made to schedule stops or provide an appropriate site for those who wish to smoke.

Duty free: Participants are responsible for verifying and observing this limit or for payment of duty upon re-entry to the U.S. or their country of origin. P. O. Box 1518, Montclair, NJ 07042 973-467-4418 [email protected]

Cancellation of services: Inasmuch that AGO Inc.’s programs are custom-designed for individuals or groups travel, should travel services be cancelled at the clients’ request,

AGO Inc.’s payments/refund policy, as outlined on the billing statement will apply. AGO Inc. will occasionally operate group departures for affinity groups, for which a minimum number of participants will be needed in order to operate such tours. The parameters governing such travel will be clearly communicated to the entity on whose behalf the tour has been created.

In addition, those parameters will be clearly specified on AGO Inc.’s website pages dedicated to such entity and it will be the responsibility of such entity to inform potential travelers in literature and communication to them. AGO Inc. will not be held responsible for any cost associated with its inability to provide the services due to the inability of the entity to meet the established parameters. Should passengers have issued deposits/final payments for those services and the tour will fail to operate, AGO Inc. will endeavor to refund clients all costs within the limits of its own obligations to service providers, but it will not be responsible for any loss incurred by each client including and not limited to costs associated with airline reservations/ticketing or alternate arrangements or loss of vacation time.

Purchase of travel insurance, as instructed on the billing statement is highly recommended

Voluntary Cancellations:
Unless AGO Inc. elects not to operate the tour due to political instability, acts of terrorism, US State Department warnings or for any other reason, voluntary cancellations for any reason, deemed necessary by the passenger will be subject to cancellation policy as indicated on the billing statement. In case of political instability, acts of terrorism, US State Department warnings, AGO Inc. will make every effort to recover the payments made to the entities providing the services on the tour but cannot guarantee their recovery. Again, we urge the purchase of travel insurance as protection against any contingencies.

Documentation: It is the passenger’s responsibility to make sure that proper and up-to-date travel documents, passports, visas if necessary, are in order. Failure to have the necessary documentation at the time of travel will not be a valid reason for exemption from cancellation penalties or inability to use of services in their entirety. Any portion of services not utilized is not eligible for refund or exchanges.

Responsibility: AGO Inc. and any of its collaborators abroad are limited to acting as independent contractors and not acting on behalf of the customers, suppliers and principals. All documents issued are subject to the terms and conditions under which such accommodations and other services are offered or provided. Acceptance and approval of proposals and subsequent deposit/final payments as outlined in the billing statements constitute acceptance of said services and acknowledgment of the fact that AGO Inc. is not an owner or operator of the hotels, motor conveyances, restaurants and any other venue or service provided on the their tours and will not be held responsible for substitutions, changes, and/or cancellations for any reason by such conveyances, hotels or any other provider of services nor for expenses due to delay or changes in transportation schedules or other causes.

AGO Inc. is not to be held liable for injuries, damages, loss, accidents, delays or malfunction in any vehicle or through the negligence of people contracted in the conveyance of passengers, or any hotel proprietor, or any other staff acting on behalf of or connected with those entities. AGO Inc. is not to be held responsible for hazards encountered relating to travel to destinations included in its tour programs where possibly injuries, unpredicted circumstances or delays might develop. Great care has been taken in making choices of venues of the highest caliber that best reflect the budget and stated preference of its clients, however

AGO Inc. shall not be held responsible for failure to meet these standards by venues or service providers including but not limited to hygiene issues, political stability, cuisine, sanitation facilities, telecommunications system, emergency medical assistance/evacuation/treatments, accidents, death, loss, detention, theft, damage to passenger baggage. AGO Inc. shall be held harmless from any and all liability in connection with the foregoing. Full responsibility of the operation of conveyances used on these tours rests with the companies operating such conveyances. Recourse of any mishap must be sought in the country where the accident or loss occurs.

Arbitration: any claim or dispute on any matter relating to this document, any printed material or the web site shall be dealt with solely and exclusively by binding arbitration as per the current laws in effect at the time of the dispute as stipulated by the arbitration association of New Jersey. Any such arbitration must take place in New Jersey and governed by the substantive law of New Jersey. P. O. Box 1518, Montclair, NJ 07042 973-467-4418 [email protected]

Use of web site: AGO Inc.’s websites and domains are made available to potential customers, contingent upon the absolute acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions and notices herein stipulated. The use of AGO Inc.’s domains, constitutes visitors’ acceptance of all terms and conditions.

Liability disclaimer: all information provided on products and services detailed on this web site may inadvertently reflect some inaccuracies or typographical errors. Furthermore some changes may be made occasionally, without prior notice to the information that appears at any one time due to improvements, changes or updates. The text and content of this site is not guaranteed to be complete or accurate. Under no circumstances shall AGO Inc. be liable or held responsible for any errors, omissions, direct or indirect punitive, incidental or consequential damages as a result of or connected with the use of this web site.   

Links to other web sites: AGO Inc.’s website may contain hyperlinks to web sites operated by other parties not affiliated or connected with it. Such hyperlinks are offered for reference only as AGO Inc. does not control nor is responsible for their contents.

Validity of prices: Prices are quoted in Euros. The equivalent US$ amount will be based upon the stated exchange rate and validity period specified on the billing statement at the time of payments

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