Havana Jazz Festival, Havana, Cuba

Yearly in January

View of the river Liffey in Dublin, Ireland.

Cuba has been on many people’s bucket list and now, it can become a reality by embarking on this extraordinary cultural and musical experience.

Indeed, music with competing rhythms that somehow collectively create a beautiful harmony, will be pouring out of every street, courtyard and apartment window, so why not join this amazing trip and revel in the sensuous, swinging, sizzling sounds of Afro-Cuban beats than only Cuba can inspire!

Daily excursions to nearby towns that will reveal Cuba’s history, from its days as the staging area for Spanish explorations of the Americas up to present day, will be indispensable in order to understand and appreciate its history and rich culture.

Additional Activities and Services to Enhance Your Music Experience

Pre-purchase of festival tickets and access to VIP events When relevant to the country, meals served at exquisite local restaurants, perfectly paired with local wines and visits to local wine producers.

Cooking classes focused on the rich local gastronomy and in perfect harmony with the local wines

Pre/post extensions featuring private car/mini-bus transportation with driver and privately guided tours to nearby landmark cities

Accommodations are carefully chosen to optimize travel time between festivals’ locations and other points of interest

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